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CC3200 AWS IoT CCStudio Debugging: Error running Pub/Sub Sample

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Google Cloud Pub/Sub is a flexible, reliable, real-time messaging service for independent applications to publish & subscribe to asynchronous events.

May 4, 2017. If you look at the message returned with this error, you should get some more details. A common cause of this issue is that you haven't registered the endpoint. You need to verify that you own the domain in order to register it as a push endpoint.

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Created a test topic on GC pubsub and can create pull subscriptions no problem but as soon as I try to create a URL endpoint subscription I get a "pubsub error.

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Hallo I have a new installation of 3.6.2 an try to test the PubSub service. i receive the following error: 2008.12.18 09:59:34

We spent some time working with PubSub, who had built a scalable matching engine but. This was another crucial error, #2 again. Instead of having product management as the advocate for the customer and the product evangelist,

Oct 9, 2017. Background: I have a simple one function project that is doing continuously loading data into bigquery table, triggered on every cloud storage file upload finish, by GCS pubsub-notifications , which is on when every new file uploaded to a particular bucket with particular prefix, then trigger my function to run.

I am using Google Cloud Pubsub for my application. The subscriber to the pubsub topic is written in Javascript and runs on Nodejs. I am using the official pubsub.

Specifically, XMPP has a protocol extension called "PubSub" (publish and subscribe. It required opening additional firewall ports that were discovered by trial and error, allowing the push notifications to flow outside of the firewall.

Sep 14, 2017. Errors with Getting metadata from plugin failed with error: email is required. Stracktrace is just a single line: node_modules/grpc/src/node/src/client.js, global. <anonymous>:554. Downgraded the pubsub module to 0.13.2 and changed from the publisher pattern to the old topic.publish() way of doing things,

Apr 18, 2017. screen shot 2017-07-10 at 11 32 57 am. I still get this error, I'm publishing a lot of messages at once (more than 1000 per second), not sure if it throws the error because of this. I'm using pubsub V0.13.0 Thanks!

Got some hard time too figuring out what happening. You need to add you sub domain as verified domain in the API console: apis/credentials/domainverification.

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In software architecture, publish-subscribe is a messaging pattern where senders of messages, called publishers, do not program the messages to be sent directly to.

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WebSocket Protocol Registries – Internet Assigned. – First Come First Served Please see Section 2 of , which clarifies that registrations which differ from existing registrations only by case will be refused.

google.pubsub.v1; Concepts;. The following error codes are common to all methods of the Google Cloud Pub/Sub API: Error HTTP Code Description

Job queues, message queues and other queues. Almost all of them.

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