Cross-entropy Error

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Then, the autoencoder is trained by joint minimization of the Bernoulli cross-entropy error between input and output.

I'm working on a feed-forward backpropagation network in C++ but cannot seem to make it work properly. The network I'm basing mine on is using the cross-entropy error.

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The DNNs used in LVCSR are often constructed with an output layer with softmax activation and the cross-entropy.

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Training with Noise is Equivalent to Tikhonov. – Microsoft – form of regularization in which an extra term is added to the error function. We can apply a similar analysis in the case of the cross-entropy error function.

Jul 1, 2010. the paper presents a flexible 'cross entropy' (CE) approach to estimating a consistent SAM starting from inconsistent data estimated with error.

Cross-entropy error function and logistic regression. Cross entropy can be used to define the loss function in machine learning and optimization.

Usage of loss functions. A loss function (or objective function, or optimization score function) is one of the two parameters required to compile a model:

Return the cross-entropy between an approximating distribution and a true distribution. The cross entropy between two probability distributions measures the average.

May 13, 2016. Compute the log loss/cross-entropy loss. Usage. LogLoss(y_pred. Compute the mean absolute percentage error regression loss. Usage.

Abstract: This paper investigates the efficacy of cross-entropy and square-error objective functions used in training feed-forward neural networks to estimate.

We set two root nodes in the network: ce is the cross entropy which defines our model’s loss function, and pe is the classification error. We set up a trainer object with the root nodes of the network and a learner. In this case we pass in.

As you increase $z^L_4$, you’ll see an increase in the corresponding output activation, $a^L_4$, and a decrease in the other output activations.

The cross-entropy measure has been used as an alternative to squared error. Cross-entropy can be used as an error measure when a network's outputs can be thought of.

@Alex This may need longer explanation to understand properly – read up on Shannon-Fano codes and relation of optimal coding to the Shannon entropy equation.

. where we defined two objectives for determining the goodness of a classifier: the cross-entropy error function and the variation coefficient of its sensitivities,

By using the cross entropy error function, the partial derivative of Em with respect to wjk becomes k k j jk m y t z w E = ⋅ − ⋅ ∂ ∂ σ( ) Thus, the error.

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